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PROUD to be the ONLY distance HEALING service that is CURING not only "CHRONIC" but also various "INCURABLE" diseases SUCCESSFULLY that others FAILS to cure..!!!

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Virtual School Health & Mind Sciences established in 2005, internationally accredited and the number one education resource for people pursuing careers in the Alternative Medicines or Natural Healing Arts.

We are highly trained professionals in the fields of alternative natural therapies having specialties across the spectrum of healing and health care. We are fully qualified to deliver professional healing and training in holistic natural therapies like Reiki, Qi gong, Pranic Healing, Quantum Touch, etc. Certificate programs we offer aims to provide students with a professional education and training in the principles and practice of natural health. On completion of the course, students can operate effectively in local, national and international contexts.

Further we provide para-psychic and meta-physical services, powerful empowerments, DNA Activation, Chakra Activation, Third Eye Activation, Light Body Activation to advances your healing skills and speed up your spiritual growth at very fast rate with out the need of going through any time consuming meditations.

Holistic Medicines, Natural Healing Therapies are absolutely huge right now and is being sought out by people who are frustrated with the health care industry, take advantage, learn how to become a leader in natural medicine & Get ready for the job of the future !

We invite you to browse our extensive range of workshops and services, let us know if we can assist you in anyway or contact us if you have any questions.


(01.) Virtual School Health & Mind Sciences is "Internationaly Accredited" and provide you "Recognition" as a registered Certified Natural Health Practitioner, highly require to full fill one's professional needs.

(02.) Membership with the "Internationally Recognized Federations" are also available to further sets the tone for your professional practice.

(03.) We believe that technology can provide great learning tools for all learning abilities. Virtual School Health & Mind Sciences offer fast and easy assess to all its contents and services via every Mac and Ios devices for students convenience.

(04.) We have highly skilled metaphysicians having over 15 years of excellence in the field to guide you in your journey towards fast personal growth and can help you clear out all obstacle in your way to success.

(05.) Energies you will receive from Virtual School Health & Mind Sciences are very pure and highly vibrant in nature, channeled by our Grand Master in a more skill full ways which increases its effectiveness and impact that will raise you body vibrations instantly.

(06.) Virtual School Health & Mind Sciences purposely designed easy to understand courses for the distance learner so that relocation is not necessary and attendance in person is not required. The student can study on his / her own schedule rather than a schedule set by a school.

(07.) At Virtual School Health & Mind Sciences we teach the most updated, current and even groundbreaking techniques available today.The purpose of theses remarkable courses is to respond to the need to fill in the many voids in Alternative medicine therapy training today. These are simply the most comprehensive training courses available in the field of Alternative medicines to this point in time.

(08.) Being up to date on the latest research is an important part of any career. Our research blogs help students stay updated on new research and breakthroughs in the field and help them think through and identify best practices for addressing challenges.

(09.) Most powerful psychic activations ever designed by our expert metaphysician are ready to take you on a very fast spiritual drive with out the need of any time consuming workshops & meditations.

(10.) Proud to be the only Advance Remote Healing Organization that is successfully curing chronic diseases like Cancer, Hepatitis, Asthma, Severe Infections, Ulcers, Kidney Failures, Respiratory Problems, ICU Cases... etc.

(11.) Global health issues are considered throughout the teaching making the course relevant to participants from all types of economies.

(12.) Our after support will always be there for you. You will always receive the highest level of customer service and assistance, we will assist you with any problems you may encounter in your journey towards betterment with no extra costs associated with it.


I just wanted to express my deepest thanks to you for this wonderful service you are providing. I can't even explain the joy I receive in giving Reiki to my family. I am learning so much from the Reiki Manual also. I have already worked on 4 of my family members and with every session the flow of Reiki is stronger. I really feel the practice and study of reiki will change my life in a spiritual way I didn't think it could happen though. Thank you so much, have a beautiful day.

Student / Client - Reiki And Mind Sciences

Dr.Ghulam Abbas
Senior Dermatologist

Thank you so much for an incredible week of Reiki. The courses were informative, interesting and fun. The reiki course handouts were well presented and easy to understand. Your reiki sessions has helped allot in opening up an awareness in me that is beyond words. For me the reiki courses have been life changing. Many blessings for the healing work you are doing!

Student / Client - Reiki And Mind Sciences

Naila Siddiqui

During the Reiki attunements I realized that this mysterious reiki healing energy really exist, and that it is pretty tangible, I was positively floating after you reiki on me and the difference in me was very noticeable by other people as well. Even after months during my visualizations, this reiki force is still present and strong. I have attended several of your courses and willing to learn even more. I would highly recommend your organization to anyone who wants to learn these wonderful techniques.

Student / Client - Reiki And Mind Sciences

Atif Malik Chawla
Mechanical Engineer



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